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Hide Your PBNs In The Cloud
Don't RISK Hosting Your PBN Sites On IPs SHARED With Other SEOs
(FACT: Google Can Reverse Engineer
Them In Seconds)


Google HATES Private Blog Networks & SEO Hosting Companies

And SHARED IPs are one of the main ways that Google can target & DEINDEX PBN type sites & networks.


By signing up as a 'normal' customer, installing a load of sites, noting the IPs & then checking the OTHER sites hosted on the SAME IPs = MASS GOOGLE DEINDEXING.

In short, you need UNIQUE (not shared) account IPs on platforms used by TONS of legitimate (non-SEO/PBN ) websites e.g. Amazon, Redhat, Microsoft Azure, IBM Softlayer, Digital Ocean, Joyent, Vultr etc.

Created & fully supported by Terry Kyle, owner of, &

Instead, Get UNIQUE IPs With NON-Shared Accounts
On The Largest Cloud Platforms In The World,
ALREADY hosting MILLIONS of REAL Websites

Cloud platforms like Amazon EC2 and S3, RedHat OpenShift (uses Amazon servers), IBM Softlayer, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, Joyent & Linode were never built for hosting, let alone SEO hosting - even though they work great for that

That's because their interfaces and processes are ridiculously COMPLEX, technical and unnecessarily DIFFICULT
for non-technical people

That's where comes in by MASSIVELY simplifying, AUTOMATING & centralizing your SEO hosting operations.

And apart from coming with 50 FREE OPENSHIFT HOSTING SLOTS (yes hosting for 50 sites), you can use to create & manage cheap SEO hosting (on Amazon S3, low-traffic SEO sites can be hosted for under 15 cents a month each!)

Terry Kyle, owner of, & has used his direct experience
of owning & hosting 30,000+ domains for SEO over the last 7 years in building

How Works

(HINT: It's DIFFERENT To All Other 'SEO Hosting' You Have Ever Tried Before)

  • STEP 1: Create Your New Account Here

    It takes just a few seconds & gives you instant access to  the Web's most powerful platform for hosting/managing SEO or PBN sites.
  • STEP 2: 

    Create your OWN Cloud accounts ONCE e.g. Amazon S3 where hosting can cost under 15 cents a month for a low-traffic PBN site, integrate that with & manage all hosting from Cloudboss.

    Using Amazon directly is a technical NIGHTMARE, it was never built for hosting, let alone SEO hosting.

    But Amazon does have over 12 million IPs across 10+ global datacenters.
  • STEP 2 (Continued): 

    And, because you are using your OWN Cloud account, your IPs are NOT shared with any other SEOs = SAFE SEO hosting (assuming you build your PBNs intelligently).

    Cloudboss currently supports SAFE hosting integration with the largest Cloud platforms in the world:

    - Amazon
    - Microsoft Azure
    - IBM Softlayer
    - Digital Ocean
    - Joyent
    - Vultr
    - Linode

    Not exactly spammy SEO neighbourhoods!

Once an IP address belonging to a Blog Network or SEO  Hosting service is found, seeing ALL the sites hosted there takes Google less than 5 seconds e.g.

Your User Admin Panel (it does a LOT, see video below):

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