seo hosting

$49.99 monthly for bulk hosting 100 HTML sites in 5 global Rackspace® datacenters

e.g. rebuilds for SEO

With, you can bulk host 100 HTML sites or more
in FIVE global Rackspace® datacenters
for just $49.99 a month
(200 sites = $79.99, 500 sites = $150)
+ UNLIMITED Wayback Machine rebuilds
+ FREE WP>HTML converter

Get MORE for MUCH LESS with

–> Rackspace® hosts millions of legitimate business websites, perfect for your SEO sites hosted, NOT on spammy SEO hosts (see who they host here)

If you are not adding new posts to a WP (PBN) site, do you actually need WordPress when HTML hosting is far cheaper and Cloudboss has a free built-in WP>HTML converter?

–> Dynamic IPs across 5 Rackspace® datacenters: Chicago, Virginia, Dallas, Sydney & Hong Kong (read more about dynamic IPs here)

–> UNLIMITED free Wayback Machine site rebuilds inside (see a video demo here)

–> AUTOMONITORS the indexing status of your Cloudboss-managed sites

–> AUTOMONITORS the Majestic TrustFlow of your Cloudboss-managed sites

–> FREE WP>HTML converter

–> 301 Manager for page level & root 301s

–> HTML Editor, FTP + Virtualmin built in

–> 20,000 TrustFlow 20+ expired domain list shared every month (all buyable for the price of a domain, emailed monthly)

–> With your own SEPARATE/PAID accounts, you can also host with Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Amazon Lightsail, Linode, Vultr & Digital Ocean managed by

With, you ALSO get:

20,000 TrustFlow 20+ expired domain list emailed every month (all buyable for the price of a domain)


UNLIMITED Wayback Machine rebuilds

Let's see a live demo of how quickly
Cloudboss Pro can get a site live

- FAQ -

Can I host WordPress sites with

Not with the included 100, 200 or 500 Rackspace® slots, no.

Those are for HTML sites only such as Wayback Machine rebuilds or basic HTML sites built on expired domains for SEO purposes.

Cloudboss does have a basic HTML page builder for quick turnarounds on expired domains.

HOWEVER, you CAN connect your own Cloud accounts from Amazon S3, EC2, Lightsail, Linode, Vultr & Digital Ocean BUT this will be a SEPARATE expense and billed directly to you in addition to your Cloudboss subscription, which can be used to manage those from the Cloudboss Control Panel.

If you are not adding new posts to a WP (PBN) site, do you actually need WordPress when HTML hosting is far cheaper and Cloudboss has a free built-in WP>HTML converter?

Is Rackspace® a spammy SEO host?

You can get an idea of the established, legitimate types of companies – almost 300,000 – that use Rackspace® here:

across healthcare, retail, automotive, IT, restaurants, nonprofits and other sectors.

In short, Rackspace® is very much NOT a spammy SEO-focused host which is why it is a very good place for your SEO sites.

What if I don’t have enough sites to fill up the 100, 200 or 500 plans on Cloudboss?

At the moment, those are the only plans that we offer and even if you aren’t using all 100 hosting slots on our base plan, $49.99 is still great value on a quality host like Rackspace®.

Is there IP variation with Rackspace®?

The Rackspace® hosting offered on Cloudboss features dynamic IPs across 5 different Rackspace® datacenters around the world:

  • Chicago (US)
  • Virginia (US)
  • Dallas (US)
  • Sydney, and, 
  • Hong Kong

You can read more about dynamic IPs here:

and we see a lot of D class IP variation and some A class variation on Rackspace®.

Apart from the bulk hosting on Rackspace® with, are there any other extra features, tools or bonuses that come with monthly subscription?

  • Unlimited Wayback Machine site rebuilder
  • 301 Redirect Manager
  • Virtualmin
  • WP>HTML Converter
  • Basic HTML Page builder
  • Monthly list of about 20,000 Trustflow 20+ expired domains that can be bought for the price of the domain (not auction)

Does handle the migrations of sites from other hosts to here?

No, sorry, that will be your responsibility and part of how we can keep Cloudboss prices so low for bulk hosting on a quality platform like Rackspace.

A VA is highly recommended for this work.

Who owns

Cloudboss was created by Terry Kyle and is owned by him.

How can I contact the team?

There is a chat widget in the bottom right hand of the screen or you can email us via

Wayback Rebuilder is a separate paid software tool that is included for FREE in Cloudboss with UNLIMITED rebuilds - here's how it works:

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