Forget 'Old School' Ancient SEO Web Hosting
Hide Your PBNs In The Cloud
Don't RISK Hosting Your PBN Sites On IPs SHARED With Other SEOs
(FACT: Google Can Reverse Engineer
Them In Seconds)


Google HATES Private Blog Networks & SEO Hosting Companies

And SHARED IPs are one of the main ways that Google can target & DEINDEX PBN type sites & networks.


By signing up as a 'normal' customer, installing a load of sites, noting the IPs & then checking the OTHER sites hosted on the SAME IPs = MASS GOOGLE DEINDEXING.

In short, you need UNIQUE (not shared) account IPs on platforms used by TONS of legitimate (non-SEO/PBN ) websites e.g. Amazon, Redhat, Microsoft Azure, IBM Softlayer, Digital Ocean, Joyent, Vultr etc.

Created & fully supported by Terry Kyle, owner of, &

Instead, Get UNIQUE IPs With NON-Shared Accounts
On The Largest Cloud Platforms In The World,
ALREADY hosting MILLIONS of REAL Websites

Cloud platforms like Amazon EC2 and S3, Digital Ocean, Joyent & Linode were never built for hosting, let alone SEO hosting - even though they work great for that

That's because their interfaces and processes are ridiculously COMPLEX, technical and unnecessarily DIFFICULT
for non-technical people

That's where comes in by MASSIVELY simplifying, AUTOMATING & centralizing your SEO hosting operations.

Terry Kyle, owner of, & has used his direct experience
of owning & hosting 30,000+ domains for SEO over the last 7 years in building

How Works

(HINT: It's DIFFERENT To All Other 'SEO Hosting' You Have Ever Tried Before)

  • STEP 1: Create Your New Account Here

    It takes just a few seconds & gives you instant access to  the Web's most powerful platform for hosting/managing SEO or PBN sites.
  • STEP 2: 

    Create your OWN Cloud accounts ONCE e.g. Amazon S3 where SEO hosting can cost under 15 cents a month for a low-traffic PBN site, integrate that with & manage all hosting from Cloudboss.

    Using Amazon directly is a technical NIGHTMARE, it was never built for hosting, let alone SEO hosting.

    But Amazon does have over 12 million IPs across 10+ global datacenters.
  • STEP 2 (Continued): 

    And, because you are using your OWN Cloud account, your IPs are NOT shared with any other SEOs = SAFE SEO hosting (assuming you build your PBNs intelligently).

    Cloudboss currently supports SAFE hosting integration with the largest Cloud platforms in the world:

    - Amazon EC2
    - Amazon S3
    - Digital Ocean
    - Joyent
    - Vultr
    - Linode

    Not exactly spammy SEO neighbourhoods!

Once an IP address belonging to a Blog Network or SEO  Hosting service is found, seeing ALL the sites hosted there takes Google less than 5 seconds e.g.

Your User Admin Panel (it does a LOT, see video below):

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